Is everyone talking about your show?

It’s all about the customer experience. It’s not a new concept, but is a very important one; a concept that should drive our decisions when planning meetings and events. If the customer experience is not what it should be, the show or meeting will likely be losing attendance or not able to gain the attendance it could have. Here at ProShow we are all about the customer experience. One way to improve the customer experience is to introduce new programs that cater to the customer experience and one such program is the ProShow App Team.

Most of our clients have show or meeting apps for smart phones and tablets. Some of our clients are much farther along this track than others. Our clients also have diverse attendees and users, with the full spectrum of some being very tech savvy, like CES attendees while others may have just purchased their first smart phone or not really know how to use it. So with such differing levels of skill and comfort with Apps, why are so many shows and meeting using Apps? In short, Apps are the future. Here is a quick look back at list of pros and cons from our June blog:

•    Can replace directories and quick guides
•    Sustainable
•    Extremely convenient
•    Info at your fingertips
•    Manage CE credits
•    Daily Planner
•    Networking
•    Updated automatically

•    Needs good Wi-Fi signal strength and bandwidth
•    Need charging stations to keep mobile devices up and running
•    Not always available on all platforms

Many of the “Cons” are quickly disappearing with convention centers upgrading their Wi-Fi infrastructure and charging stations becoming the norm.

With show apps being the wave of the future, how do we ensure the best experience for the attendees that are not power users? Enter the ProShow App Team, an attendee experience equalizer that ensures the app is utilized to its fullest potential. The ProShow App Team is comprised of a highly experienced team of staffers that can help attendees with all aspects of the show app. They assist in downloading the app on the attendees’ phones. Sometimes attendees just need help getting on the Wi-Fi and finding the app.  The ProShow App Team  gives tutorials on the app for those who need more assistance. They will provide an overview of features, explaining how to search for items and plan an on site daily schedule. When the ProShow App Team is not assisting attendees with the show app, they function as a walking/talking mobile INFO booth.

A new program can enhance the customer experience and it’s all about the customer experience. ProShow’s App Team is an example of a customer experience equalizer that can have your attendees raving about what a great show or meeting they just got back from. Make your show or meeting the one everyone is talking about.

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