Could Gutenberg Have Embraced a Digital World?

Could Gutenberg Have Embraced a Digital World?

Prior to the rise of the Internet, no innovation did more for the spread of knowledge and information than Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. Developed around 1440 in Mainz, Germany, Gutenberg’s machine improved on already existing presses through the use of a mold that allowed for the rapid production of lead alloy type pieces. This assembly line method of copying books enabled a single printing press to create as many as 3,600 pages per day. By 1500 over 1,000 Gutenberg presses were operating in Europe, and by 1600 they had created over 200 million new books. The printing press not only made books affordable for the lower classes, but it helped spark the Age of Enlightenment and facilitated the spread of new and often controversial ideas. The printing press proved so influential in prompting revolutions, religious upheaval and scientific thought that Mark Twain would later write, “What the world is today, good and bad, it owes to Gutenberg.”-The History Channel


ProShow’s Digital Information Staff at our recent event in Orlando

Flash forward to a digital communications world where there are multiple platforms available for the delivery of information all around us also proving to be influential in prompting revolutions, religious upheaval, scientific thought, and even more than maybe even Mark Twain could imagine. Some believe print will eventually become a thing of the past and probably sooner than we think. Many companies and industries are becoming more passionate about our environment, seeking out ways to be more “green” and finding out how being environmentally conscious can also reduce operating costs. While our great innovator of the past, Gutenberg, may not be a fan of less print in this world, the conventions, meetings, and event industry is discovering the benefits of just such an approach.


Many of ProShow’s clients are moving away from printed onsite guides and providing attendees a “greener” way to access event information at the touch of a fingertip through the use of an App on their smartphone or tablet. In order to help attendees transition to this approach, ProShow provides and trains digital information staff with a combination of technological expertise, vital show knowledge, and a friendly, outgoing personality to deliver it. So if your organization is looking to make a digital transition like this at one of your future events, talk to ProShow about how we can help your attendees embrace this new innovative way to deliver the information they want. Perhaps, our digital information staff may have even been able to convince Gutenberg to pick up a smartphone.

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