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Innovators: Agents of Change Focus on Peter Alexan, RA Consulting

April 7, 2014

ProShow’s Innovators series has shown meeting planners how to bring innovation into their teams, how to innovate with themselves, and this month we are exploring how the innovative spark ignited the successful Consulting management company, RA Consulting.

A company’s core values often serve as the origin of innovation.  As such during a recent conversation, Peter shared the following with us:

        Be 100% proactive for your clients
        Be flexible tailoring your procedures to the clients’ needs.
        Be consistent in all you do
        Be budget conscious

These core values have driving RA Consulting’s activities with every project, and have often caused needed change within the company.  For example, for American Dental Association ProShow and RA Consulting team up to meet client needs proactively in general session room loading, session room overflow, registration area crowd maintenance.

RA Consulting approached ProShow some years ago at ADA Las Vegas and offered to work together to anticipate needs, and actively keep issues under wraps.

The RA “Response Team” was created.  This innovative approach to anticipating potential bottlenecks, hot spots, and venue based challenges arose from the recognition of better service is possible to clients if we work together and not only act quickly in the moment, but plan for contingencies.

That is innovation in an industry in which supplier partners don’t always chose to partner!  The impact of any innovation is deepened when broader resources are brought to bear.

What does all this innovation do for RA Consulting’s clients?  Focus resources, advance teamwork, and on tangible basis, save money otherwise wasted on 4 hour staffing minimums when only short term needs arise, unnecessary overtime, or potential liability issues surface.

“I look at the sensitive aspects of every client’s show or meeting and ask myself, how could RA improve on this or that; what can we offer to do that will fill the gap/strengthen the impact for the client’s guests?” Peter shared.

At the end of the day, “it’s about having a proactive mind set so that when surprises arise, we can out ahead of them.”

That’s just what Peter is doing for his own company–transferring all their internal forms, work products, etc. to be cloud so he can improve response time and ease of access for his team–caught innovating again!