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Lead through Innovation

March 12, 2014

“The only thing constant in life is change”  François de La Rochefoucauld

Some fear change while others embrace it. Given that change is constant, it is important to be on the forefront of change instead of swept up in the wake of change, unprepared for what is coming. History is full of companies flourishing and perishing depending on where they fit in on the change scale. This also occurs in the meetings industry. So how do we ensure that we come out on top? One solution is to lead through Innovation.

For most, Innovation brings up images of high tech companies and players like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but there are other more common examples as well like White out and Post-it notes.  Both are very simple solutions to common problems, yet very innovative. Many Innovations come to life as solutions to problems. With this in mind we can look to our limitations so we can turn them to our advantage.

ProShow had this opportunity with a client in 2009.  The client came to us with a complaint about their registration database accuracy from a show. The client found numerous mistakes in the attendee files.  The show is based on business to business transactions relying on their attendees being able to correspond and place orders with each other. Now we had our problem staring us in the face, it was time to turn this around.

Digging deeper we found that our staffing partners had very different practices with testing and screening candidates. Some staffers had not been tested in over 5yrs. As is normal in the event staffer world, we regularly get new faces. This meant that we had a mix of staffers who were knowledgeable on the registration database and others who are seeing it for the first time on day one. With the root of our issues defined, we were now looking for ways to turn this around.


The first solution was to ensure that the staffers met a minimum requirement for typing and data entry.  Recognizing that over time a staffer could get better or worse at registration input, we also set a requirement of testing within 6 months of the start of the event. We worked closely with our client’s registration vendors to get screenshots and keying instructions and then ensured that the staffers reviewed and had a basic understanding of the system in advance of on site training. Implementing these steps into our placement and screening process resulted in a 70% improvement in our client’s database accuracy.

With an innovative solution to our problem, we recognized that all of our clients would benefit from our new process. This was the birth of our “Gold Team Certified Typist Program” which has been delivering great results for years. Turning your problem into your strength is a great way to lead through innovation