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CES, 2014 Client Loyalty Clear

February 17, 2014

After our 11th year, we were thrilled to see that our client appreciated all the work we did above and beyond our normal build up to CES: to revise job descriptions, work with new partner vendors closely, etc. to achieve a success again in 2014.  While we know we always have to do whatever it takes to pull off a  project, it’s so rewarding when a client contact acknowledges our  hard work, and recognizes all we did to approach the project with fresh eyes.

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PS CES letter 04_14

Top 4 ways to spark innovation in ourselves and others

February 3, 2014

Innovate, innovate!  Well sure, but exactly what is it, and how do we get that spark going in our every day world of meetings and events?  Innovation is the introduction of “something new or different: new things, devices or methods.”

We probably innovate more than we realize but let’s break it down so it’s more marked in our consciousness.

Initiate and Role Model

  • Look around for what needs fixing—what are the top 3 issues in which your attendees want improvement?
  • Get the team together—innovation arises from group think.
  • Show your team how they have innovated in the past with good results.
  • Throw out your top 3 and stand back to guide the brainstorming conversation.

Put a Stake in the Ground

  • Focus the team on the clearest quickest victory and set your sights on that one thing.
  • Identify how and when you will launch your innovative idea, technique, process, etc.
  • Ask for “owners” of various activities.
  • Set up a timetable for the various activities and check in points along the way.

Offer the opportunity

  • Suggest ways each team member can develop subsets of creative solutions and interact with other team members.
  • Recognize team members who contribute within the process.  Shine a light on what they are doing well!

Outline a path forward

  • Diagram a plan for each team member to report back on their solutions and agree on the keys innovations you can all be proud to present to the larger group.
  • After a period of time, check in to see how your innovation is working, refine and innovate new things, devices, methods…

Actually, these approaches are a fit for many team activities we undertake, but often we fail to use them when it’s time to innovate.  Put flame to the fire and see where it goes.