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License to Excel in Sustainability

October 2, 2013

It takes great minds and leaders to run our companies, events and meetings. This is easy to say, but important all the same for an organization’s health and direction.  The leaders are the ones plotting the coarse to keep an organization moving forward.  One of the ways current leadership is moving forward is setting sustainability goals.  A simplified model of this is Goal-Act-Incentives to lead to success.  

The goals provide the direction for staff to act. This can be as simple as an increase in diverted landfill or reduction in energy used. This is a good start, yet this is not enough in itself because we are working with people.  The leaders need to inspire and motivate the staff to succeed. Morale is a very important part of productivity. Along with the inspiration, the leadership also needs to give the staff the leeway and permission to succeed.  They get a license to excel in sustainability.  

Here at ProShow we give our staffers direction to go out and make an impact on the sustainability front and document it. The staffers have clear direction, motivation and a will to succeed. This leads to a mindset of “I’m going to do my part and do a good job achieving it.” They are taking control and choosing to excel. Another benefit is that this mindset can be contagious for other staffers and attendees. At this point of the process the staffers are the front lines working on attaining the sustainability goals.

The staff’s efforts and impact during events is large. The large majority of staffers increase their recycling and reuse. Many of them use alternative or mass transportation.  The select few go so far as to invest in sustainability with items like installing solar panels and water saving appliances, while others from this group get involved with community activism.


The third step in the model is incentives which can be as simple as recognition or as large as a prize.  There are a number of people that enjoy and thrive on recognition.  And even those who may be a bit embarrassed by recognition, appreciate hearing they are doing a great job. Incentives are not only an end goal like a contest winner; they work very well as regular recognition and other morale boosters on the way to the goal.  We like to recognize our Sustainability Prize winners with our Sustainability water bottles and a gift card.

Sustainability is a journey and we are all in this together. When leadership gives the staffers a license to excel in sustainability, we all win.