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Recharge your batteries

August 7, 2013

Personal sustainability is not about recycling products, avoiding the land fill, or working well with others.
Individualized sustainability—our self as a “resource”– comes to those who take the time to recharge.  This “resource” is you and me, the event planners and meeting professionals who keep our industry going.

It is no secret that we are very busy– minding the details, working a lot of weekends and traveling doing the work we love. If we are not careful, we can go from doing the work we love and our chosen career to the one we one we don’t want to wake up for in the morning.  How do we keep from burning out?  One answer is to recharge our batteries.

Recharging our batteries can be as simple as eating better and getting a good night’s sleep.  This helps our bodies be up to the task at hand.  While this makes for a good foundation, we still need to set aside time where we can be totally engaged in non work activities and pressures—to really recharge.  A dinner with friends or family and play time with kids are simple things that can enrich our daily lives and rejuvenate our soul.  For those of us with kids on summer break, it is a great opportunity to take a family vacation.   The summer weather is easy, and welcomes us to live and play outside.

These experiences leave us smiling and feeling good.  While some may not feel like they can afford the time to get away, the benefits are worthwhile for our attitude, performance and our soul. These benefits stay with us and reinforce who we are and how we work. Sometimes all it takes for me is to have one of my boys recalling an outing to put a smile on my face and take me away from the moment, leaving me a little happier.


Sharing an outdoor activity that you enjoy with your kids enriches your day; when I take my older son bike riding, I feel better when I see him enjoy himself, and my spirit lightens when I take the time away from the desk.  I can return renewed, ready to take on the next task.

Recharging our batteries is an important step for all of us.  It allows us to be the sustainable meetings and event professionals we are; giving our best and ready for more. With our batteries recharged we a can better serve our customers, clients and coworkers.