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Behind our decisions: Core Values

June 5, 2013

This month I want to take a closer look at a key ingredient behind successful events and meetings: core values.  Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization, company or individual. Let’s first look at the individual core values and how it benefits us to have our core values defined and understood.


Core values give us ambition. A person without clearly defined core values has shifting direction and no sense of purpose. Their actions are often led by someone else’s core values which change depending on the influence.   By defining our own core values we get a roadmap to our actions and decisions providing the ambition to do great things.


Core values point us in the right direction. As a parent I am often telling my oldest son that more often than not, the hardest thing to do is typically the right thing to do.  My son is young and still finding his core values, so I am instilling mine in him to hold him over until he is ready to define his own.  The rest of us got a core values toolkit from our folks as well and built on it with life experience.  I remember many times in my youth going against that toolkit, and being forced to learn the hard way.  If I had learned at a younger age to follow my core values, life would have been easier, but it has been memorable and interesting. We learn to do the best we can on our own and our core values are there for us like a compass showing the way to the harbor in a storm and reinforcing that we CAN believe in ourselves.


Core values give us confidence. Now that we can trust our internal values compass, we can move ahead with confidence.  This confidence will help us succeed in life and work.


Our core values make decisions easier. When faced with a tough decision you will find that your core values will lead you on your true path.   We have all run across or know someone that has a tough time making decisions or just hates to do it.  The ones I have met have some wandering part of their life.  This is not to say that they are nomads, but have something that is frequently changing in their lives and values seem to move as well. I have had many decision making conversations with friends, family and coworkers.  Many times we overcomplicate things so that decisions become much more difficult than they need to be.  We need to step back from the decision and come at it from the angle of our core values to select the choice that is the best fit.


All of these personal core values elements translate to organizations and companies.  The group as a whole has this fundamental guiding force to base its decisions and actions. Many companies and organizations have published core values. Some have mission statements providing a broader view on their core values.


Having our core values defined and understood makes us better meeting planers, managers and event staffers contributing toward the success of meetings and events. So in the spirit of collaborating—one of mine and ProShow’s core values, here are a few more of ProShow’s Core Values:


Make a difference

Live a “can do” attitude.

Plan Strategically

Focus on the details

Have FUN!


What are your core values?  Please comment on your core values on the ProShow Facebook page