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What can YOU do in your community?

May 1, 2013

There are always times in life when we decide to get involved, to jump in with both feet. As we look back at the first quarter of 2013 we have found ways to get involved in our community. Whether it is dancing for a cause, daily sustainability goals, or volunteering your time to your local schools – there is always time to make time. Here are a few examples of how we have been involved this year.

Grass Valley, CA: In March, 2013, a local march sprung up with some 100 women and girls—and a few men– in downtown Grass Valley, CA.  With love and one song to sing, our Zumba workout crew participated with a routine we had learned for the shared anthem.  All shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and inclinations were represented in this community effort to raise awareness about violence against women–worldwide. Being involved in a shared community effort left us feeling we’d done our part to stand up for our core belief in the rights of all people to live without violence against them.  Watch for March 8, 2014!

“Together we can End Male Violence against women and girls”


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Boulder Creek, CA: In the rural Santa Cruz Mountains, the forest and rivers are a large part of the draw for us in this area.  As it is with many rural areas we get our drinking water from the river and local reservoirs. Unfortunately there are those who take the environment for granted and we live in a temperate rain forest that can wash trash and debris from yards.  The result is a beautiful river flowing through the redwoods with trash lining its banks – yuck. The annual San Lorenzo Valley River Clean Up is a community organized event to restore this piece of nature we call home.  The SLV River Clean Up attracts individuals and families alike while preserving nature and our watershed. You will often see kids competing to fill a bag of trash bigger than their friends or siblings.  We all win with this kind of competition and it gives us hope that the next generation will find the river in better shape than we did.

St. Simons Island, GA: Out final story on a local level provides support for our youth. Fundraisers in our local schools have come along way since the traditional PTA bake sale. With our economy and many districts facing budget shortfalls and furlough days. It is important that all, teachers, parents, and students stay active in looking at more lucrative way to get involved for our children’s educational experience. For the last three years Saint Simons Elementary has raised funds from our annual Trackapalooza event. Funds from this event alone were distributed to the teachers allowing them to purchase materials needed in classrooms to enhance the learning environment for our students. It also opened the door towards funding grounds at St. Simons Elementary, allowing us to put in a new track to aide in supporting our strong desire to fight child obesity.

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ProShow’s core values of collaboration and respect for individuals and our communities come alive for us during these moments, and we were proud to participate and get involved. We all can participate; we just need to say yes!