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Count the Many Ways YOU can Contribute

March 6, 2013

Over time the issue and goal of improved sustainability onsite has taken hold in the meetings world.  One of the ways ProShow can participate with our meetings clients, staffing partners and colleagues is to broaden our goals as well, committing to an environmentally responsible meeting.  We are reaching out to our event staffers to also commit to these goals while on site.

We have put together some quick tips for the event staffers to contribute to these goals as well.

Start a recycling system. It’s good to identify on site where you can recycle your materials and encourage others to do the same.

Switch to reusable lunch bags. This means you can spend less on disposable bags and reduce waste on site.

Bring your own refillable water bottle on site. There are often easily accessible filling stations.

Start a carpool, use public transportation, ride a bike or walk. It’s good exercise for you; it makes you more aware of the environment and creates less pollution.

As time passes and relationships strengthen, you can often find yourself counting the ways you have grown and deepened with your partnerships—sustainability initiatives is one of those ways.  Whether it is the first meeting or tenth meeting, we must continually try to improve, offer support and creative solutions so we can gain greater mutual success.

04 mar - ProShow on site at HIMSS, New Orleans. Our sustainability award winner.