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ProShow appreciates clients & teams

November 8, 2012

It is the season to give thanks to all of the people in our lives.  For those in the Events and Meeting industry that means giving thanks to our customers, vendors and the event staffers that we work with and make it possible for us to have the jobs we love.


Our customers, the show and meeting holders, and their customers, the members and attendees are a great part of why we do the work we love.  The events and meetings they hold are responsible for economic growth, presenting scientific research and announcing the latest technologies and trends in an industry.  Our customers have a broad range of fields they represent and we enjoy the diversity.   We also cherish the relationships we hold and enjoy so much with our clients.


We have high standards and high expectations for our event staffers.  It is for this reason that we have developed programs to certify areas of expertise and recognize staffers who go above and beyond.  We owe a special thank you to all of our Ask Me ®© Premier Greeter/Directionals, Gold Team Certified Typists and all of the Great Job and Sustainability Prize winners.  We created each of these programs to deliver industrial strength customer service to our customers and our customers’ customers, the attendees as well as a way to recognize outstanding event staffers.


It is all about planning and logistics in the pre-meeting phase and during this time we work extensively with our fellow vendors and partners.  It is this coordination that allows us to get the registration screenshots and keying instructions, an important step to Qualifying our Gold Team typist.  We also work together on training, crowd control and many other areas. We couldn’t deliver Industrial Strength Customer Service like we do without their help and we are greatly appreciative.

There are many cogs to the well oiled machine that is a successful event or meeting.  Here at ProShow we know we couldn’t do our job to the level we do without all of you.  So, thank you to our customers, our customers’ customers, and our vendor partners.  And thank you to our great event staffers.   When everyone works together we can do great things!