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Costumes do Matter!

October 2, 2012

Trick or treat costumes are popping up in some variety stores before Thanksgiving decorations are up!  We do love Halloween!  Even we adults get into it, trick or treating with the kids or attending parties with our own age group—all costumed in some unforgettable character.  Costumes identify us, make us free spirited and fun loving as we play a role we envision different from our every day role of meeting planner, supplier partner, wife, mom, teacher, and on and on.

On site at our professional meetings, we all play a welcoming role in our professional dress.   We can double down on that welcoming aura, backing-up ourselves with uniformed  “Ask Me”©® greeters who meet our guests in their hotel lobbies, at the bus drop, entering the main door to registration, entering an opening plenary or a session area, pushing through the Exhibit Floor entrance on opening day, etc.

The “Ask Me”©® greeter’s costume is critical to the success of their position; after all, if no one knows the greeter is a resource for information and direction, guests will not ask questions of the greeters.  How many times have you walked into a convention center show site, and not found a single person who stands out as someone who can help you?  We all look for that friendly face, but a friendly face with a bold bright uniform stating “Ask Me”©® announces, “Help is right here”!

“Ask Me”©® Greeters in uniform step into a role of welcoming, directing, encouraging, helping, problem solving, supporting—all the warm and empathetic emotions we want our guests  to feel when they arrive on site. 

From the “Ask Me”©® greeter’s perspective, the uniform identifies them as a resource, a knowledgeable person who can help.  Wearing the uniform empowers the “Ask Me”©® greeter to act in this important role and fill that gap between arriving guests and all the various show elements awaiting them.

In their uniforms, the greeters stand out in a crowd and the uniform in effect visually brands each greeter as the “go to” entity on site.  In this influential position, the “Ask Me”©® greeter can proudly step up to engage your guest from their first moment on site, and create that positive first impression.

Get yourself some costumed/uniformed back-up on the floor!  Check out our photo gallery to see our ProShow “Ask Me”©® Greeters in action, and let us know what we can do for you.

So, yes costumes matter.  They matter on site at our meetings and of course, they matter on Halloween!