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5 Top Customer Service Success Stories

August 7, 2012

How do you know if you have achieved success in customer service?  Your attendees and exhibitors respond to verbal or written surveys telling you they were treated well, felt welcomed & comfortable at your event, and most importantly, will attend or exhibit again.  Your sponsors will tell you of their pride in underwriting various items for your show, and may increase their sponsorship for the ensuing year.

Well, in a perfect world, this is how it works.  Realistically, customer service success is sometimes intangible as it’s all in the smaller details, but sometimes the grand gestures reap BIG rewards!

While not measurable, the mood on the floor can be felt; the smiles on the faces can be seen.

What have 5 different corporate show managers and association meeting planners accomplished with their unique customer service techniques, nailing positive customer service results?

First, McDonald’s Worldwide 2012 took customer service to a whole new level  by setting up full registration locations  in 16 hotel lobbies in their block.  Of course, one could register at the Convention Center as well, but the attendees embraced this curbside customer service, registering in large numbers right at their hotels.  Troubleshooting issues was accomplished by an online instant message service so if issues needed special handling, McDonald’s meeting staff was just a moment away.

Over the past several years, American Chemical Society’s commitment to “white glove”  customer service for their members, stand outs with “Ask Me”© ® Greeter personnel placed in some 18-20 hotels in their block.  When members arrive at the hotel, board the shuttle, etc. there is a co-branded ACS/ProShow uniformed “Ask Me” © ® on hand to direct, answer questions and provide high energy customer service to ACS attendees and Board members.

American Society for Microbiology uses uniformed  “Ask Me” © ® personnel to direct attendees to the appropriate counter during  registration peak times, and then reallocates these personnel to the sessions area, offering information and directions as attendees move from session to session.  Flexible use of “Ask Me” © ® personnel serves their customers.

Biotechnology Industry Organization has made a significant outreach to the International community in the past several years, and to support the increased international attendance, they offer bilingual uniformed “Ask Me” © ® personnel to assist with directing these attendees in both registration and sessions areas.  A large variety of languages are spoken by the “Ask Me” © ®personnel, allowing a comfort for the international attendees.

HIMSS, Las Vegas, 2012, was held at the Sands/ Venetian, offering registration on 4 different floors of the Sands/Venetian.  Easily distinguished uniformed  “Ask Me” © ® personnel who floated among the various floors, directed attendees to the least busy registration area, offering information and guidance.  There was very little waiting in line, accomplishing the association goal of minimal wait times!

What are the messages of these 5 top customer service focused meetings?

                Make the customer experience personal and meaningful.

                Keep communication direct and straightforward.

                Make the customer service resource stand out in a crowd.

                Treat your customer as your most important guest.

                Customer service is everybody’s job, but it helps to designate the front line!

Remember, the smiles on the faces tell all!

Surely, there are many customer service success stories out there, but if you’d like to hear more about how these groups achieved success, let us know.. We are happy to help you make your meeting the next great customer service success story!