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Fitting the Customer Just Right

June 5, 2012

Where is my swimsuit—the one  that makes me look svelte? Oh, and how about my “good luck” snorkeling  goggles-the ones from our last trip to Hawaii where the fish looked so amazing?  And who knows, maybe I need to buy a wakeboard or some water skis…

Musings about the best fit for your warm weather adventures seem timely, but, after all, any time you plan an adventure, you need all the right gear.  Sometimes you take a guess at what stuff you’ll need, and once ready to use it, you find it isn’t the correct size.  The right fit makes or breaks the quality of the moment

At ProShow we make it our job to fit ourselves perfectly to our customers’ needs.  Of course, this process begins with finding out the customers’ needs; sometimes we must point out some area needing improvement in which we can help.  Other times, the customer isn’t sure of the direction to take. 

We help with assessing such situations…one year it might mean stretching our staff to accommodate growth in the meeting’s  registration area; in another year, it might mean adding many more hotel “Ask Me’s” © ® to the mix for broader hotel lobby greeter duties within the  meeting’s  block.   It could mean all of that and more.

Or it might be less about logistics and more about stepping up our training activities to include volunteer orientation or manage communication among remote locations.

The specifics are immaterial; the fit to our customers’ needs is the imperative.

It’s not a slipshod guess at what’s required of us, but a mutual defining of how we can assist in tangible ways to lighten the customer’s load or expand their reach on site—once on site, anything else  that arises means we react in the moment, jumping in to assist.  Regardless of planned or unplanned, the fit must be perfect every time.

So, in these summer months, we take a moment to recall the ways we have identified and fulfilled our customers’ needs—stated and sometimes unstated– with a fit just like those goggles: perfect size, feel and consistent performance.  After all, when you know your customer, their needs are your needs.