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Increase Benefits:Supplier/Partner Relationship

November 9, 2011

When we feel part of something bigger than ourselves, we can accomplish great things.  Being part of a team in which each individual is focused on one singular outcome makes for extraordinary achievements. 

Maeagn Gunderson, a young lady/sports enthusiast from Wisconsin, said it well; “Finding each other is the beginning, staying together is the process, working together is the success.”

As a supplier partner focused on event staffing management, serving a variety of clients, cross industry, variable show sizes, and internal cultures, we find those clients who treat us as an extension of their management team pre, on-site and post event, benefit the most from our integral involvement.

It is understood that we will perform our specific staffing management responsibilities as outlined in our contract, but when we are encouraged and expected to participate actively with our clients in the larger world of the whole meeting, we offer tangible benefits to our clients at a higher level.

Examples of such benefits include:


  1. Creative solutions to site issues since we experience a variety of event venues in various cities across the U.S. and Canada.  Being part of planning conversations re site challenges and usage taps into our experience and helps the team conclude their action plans.


             2.  Talent pool assessment as we work with vetted event staffing partners in each city and are current on temporary event labor quality, availability, and related issues.


           3.  Meeting configuration challenges can be analyzed and solutions determined due to our expertise in staffing session rooms, providing uniformed sessions directionals, etc.


  1. Orienting the ProShow on site team along with the association team to key on-site issues, “hot spots” in sessions, budgetary concerns, etc. will ensure we function as an extension of meetings management. Once given the information, we act “as if we are the client” without need for further direction.  This allows our clients to focus on their myriad other duties because they are confident we have their back in staffing and more.


          2.   Acting without direction is illustrated by initiating registration cutbacks in staffing after the rush of the opening day is past.  While we ensure quality placements, there are those individuals who might not consistently give 110%….those whose hours we can scale back, and still retain the core best staffers.  We will initiate these cutbacks working with the registration vendor as a team, serving our customer, while sustaining customer service standards.  

This benefit will not typically arise with a temporary staffing agency since their billing would be affected, and after all, we function as the “eyes and ears” or our clients, protecting their financial interests as well as their brand issues, etc. when we part of the team.


  1. Offering feedback ideas for improvement for the team for future meetings arises out of being part of the overall management team.  A wrap up meeting or conference call offers the opportunity for the total team to share what worked and didn’t work on site, and envision improvements for future.


          2.    Auditing staffing billing and ensuring our client is billed correctly as well as “within budget” is central to wrapping up a project successfully.

The level of cooperation necessary to win is based on a common wish for success; when we all work toward this common wish, there are only winners.

Michael Jordan is quoted as stating: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

We work with our clients in all major Tier 1 cities in North America improving the quality of attendees’ experience; call us and we’ll share some ideas on how to take your show from great to outstanding!

Lee Nold-Lewis

Direct: 415-225-2517