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Breakthrough Results Start with You

August 11, 2011

Breakthrough Results Start with You

Often we look around a meeting room, and we see all these creative people brainstorming, engaging in sharing ideas, and we think “ I’m not that creative; I can’t come up with great ideas and results”.  WRONG!

This thinking keeps us stuck in same old, same old in our business and personal lives.

Maybe you want to improve your attendance at your next meeting or you want to retain the talented colleagues on your team or you want to engage your exhibitors more in revenue stream conversations.  Whatever your goal as a meeting planner or show producer, it all

Start with YOU:

  1.  What do you want to have happen?  Visualize yourself on completion day…how do you want to feel about the project?  Who in your circle will you want to tell about it?  Why?
  2. What is your role in the relative success of the project?  How will you deliver your role?
  3. What assumptions are you making  that could get in your way?  How will you lower or lose  those  barriers?

Next, look for your support:

  1. Who can you engage in your plans?  What roles will they serve?  How will they participate?
  2. Why would they participate and how will you share your success with them?

Write it down: ACTion plans to live by:

  1. What are the steps to breakthrough results?  Envision the result and work backwards listing the action steps that got you there.
  2. For every action step, list how you feel about it now and how you want to feel about it when you get the result.
  3. Tie deadlines to your action items –keeps you on track.

Breakthrough results are not magical and they do not occur for only certain people.  Breakthrough results  come from engagement, inspiration, and organizing for success.   When you are standing at the top of the mountain, look around, and breathe the clean air of personal achievement.