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Mistakes by the multitudes

August 24, 2010


WHEN you make a mistake not if…5 Keys to Understanding & Accepting our flaws

by ProShow

We all try our best to be perfect performers in all areas of our lives, but this ideal is often unattainable.  We do our best to keep track of all the details, and mind the “gap” but, when we make a mistake, how we handle it is the most critical measure of us individually.  Sometimes the easy way out—blaming others or situations– is appealing, but blaming others reflects more on you than on the ones you are blaming.

Keys to dealing effectively with our mistakes are:

                Quickly and directly accepting responsibility

                Offering a feasible solution.

                Implementing the fix with grace

                Following up to test satisfaction.

                Moving on…

Accepting responsibility should be fast and clearly communicated.  Ruminating and procrastinating to find the “perfect” way to step up only makes matters worse, and delays the inevitable.

Offer a solution that is win/win for all concerned and implement it without blaming anyone or anything.

Explaining a situation is appropriate; justifying your error is not.

Check back to ensure the fix is working and all parties are satisfied to move on, letting go of the feelings surrounding the situation. 

Often in a business setting, mistakes occur when several hands are in the mix, and it’s not important to find someone to blame; it’s important to look for ways to prevent this error from occurring in the future—to the extent possible.  And, in these moments, it’s critical to be a problem solver, not a shirker…

To err really is human so lighten up!