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Attitude Adjustment

July 22, 2010

I was recently interviewed for a new program, “Attitude Jumpstart,” to be aired on a local educational  tv channel . As a business owner, I was asked to discuss how I stay positive thinking and acting in a down economy.

Well, when the economy first started tanking in 2008, I wasn’t so positive.  My first thought—typical entrepreneur– was what have I done wrong??  This self condemnation was slowly followed by an understanding that none of us small business owners had much control over the economic downturn.   Many of us found ourselves in a quickly changing situation, not unlike a rapidly emptying bathtub, the water was cycling down the drain and we found ourselves trying to stay afloat in a decreasing water supply.

I had to grasp the full impact of the economic conditions, particularly on the meetings industry, assess our business model and determine what more we could be doing to assist our clients, and at the same time, stabilize our business.

In the face of the rapidly declining economy, we launched a new program, the “Gold Team of Certified Registration Typists,” in early 2009, followed in 2010 by expanding our business model to offer a broader range of logistical support services to our clients.

We analyzed the realities around us and made plans, then took action to contribute to our own business future.  I guess this is what most entrepreneurs do after they blame themselves first; maybe next time, I’ll go a little easier on myself but then again, it’s my nature to look inward first.  Maybe I can just shorten the time I spend stuck on that part!

Staying positive and taking proactive steps are kesy to survival and ultimate success!